Don’t get caught off guard by surprises. Learn what is CHIP QC

I’m not a fan of surprises. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take a fun, surprise from my husband or kids any day. But when it comes to work, no, I don't like them. While there isn’t any way to avoid these situations completely, I can limit them and lessen their impact by practicing CHIP QC:

Stay Calm – often people’s first reaction is overreacting to negative news but I have often found there is misinformation in the translating of the problem so the issue isn’t as bad as it seems

Be Honest – if you don’t know something, admit it. Just make sure you learn it or find a solution asap.

Assume Positive Intent – a friend shared this with me once and it has become a mantra of mine – we’re all human and make mistakes, we need to remember that vs. assuming “they” are out to get you

Keep Perspective – thankfully we are dealing with first-world problems and we’re not dealing with life or death situations

Ask Questions (about whatever is unclear) – never be afraid to ask questions, digging deeper into a matter often helps clear up any miscommunications

Communicate Often – keep everyone in the loop on progress and expect the same of others

By following these steps, would-be surprises are caught earlier and alternate solutions are researched. And if alternates aren’t available, we’re communicating with the affected party well in advance to limit the impact and stress of the change. Try it out!

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