Understanding the New Home Construction Process

I have a new-found appreciation for the meaning of “new construction.” Whether it is watching the pouring of a foundation, walls going up or cabinets being installed, each stage is exciting as you realize we are about to make someone’s dream home a reality. We take pride in crafting a home of excellent quality; we want our owners to be proud, too.


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The other side of new construction can sometimes not be as fun and, if not communicated appropriately, can be frustrating for buyers. We have to be sure we set expectations appropriately from the beginning of our relationships. One way to begin this process is to explain, the best we can, the steps involved. We created this image in an attempt to show our buyers how complex the world of new construction is.

If everything flows correctly, the “machine” moves along swimmingly however with the multitude of dependencies, if one cog slows down it will impact the remaining areas. We work hard with our teams to predict possible obstacles that will cause delay but unfortunately it is difficult to cover everything.

And because of these unpredictable items, it makes open communication and transparency a critical component for a positive builder/buyer relationship. As the buyer, you have to trust that the builder wants you in your home just as quickly as you want to be in it. However any good builder is not willing to sacrifice quality construction to do so; thank goodness.

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